Post submitted by Taylor Fiscus, Political Co-Chair, HRC Chicago Steering Committee

Can you believe that the Illinois State House is in its final week of session? After months of work, the vote on marriage equality in Illinois is finally coming to a head. Since February, I’ve been spending evenings at the Illinois Unites for Marriage coalition phone banks encouraging voters to get engaged in the fight for marriage equality. I’ve spoken with so many people in Illinois who support the right of all loving couples to marry. It makes me so happy to empower supporters to connect with their legislators and share their personal stories.  The nights spent with fellow phone bankers has been gratifying and fun.
But we’re not done yet. We're still awaiting the vote to be called in the House before this Friday, and we need to keep pushing to get those final calls out to our wavering legislators. At this stage of the game, every single vote is important. Every minute counts when you're dialing constituents in battleground districts. If you haven’t put in any time working on the marriage campaign, there’s not going to be another opportunity after tomorrow night. Sign up. Be able to look back and say that you helped.
Join me at a phone bank tonight or tomorrow. It’s easy, the Illinois Unites for Marriage field organizers provide the training, and you'll meet other awesome folks that care about equality just as much as you do. I know we’re making a difference with our work – and you should give whatever time you can to push us over the finish line.
Sign-up here for a shift before it’s too late! Sign up now to be a part of history. Thank you for your support and your action.

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