Civil Rights Leader and Chattanooga City Councilor Moses Freeman has been with the YES Chattanooga campaign since day one.  He has spoken at campaign rallies, gone canvassing with us, and helped immensely with outreach to his district.  But with Chattanooga voters headed to the polls on Thursday, August 7th, to determine the fate of the city's non-discrimination ordinance for municipal employees, he cannot do this alone!

Chattanooga residents and supporters of equality who can make it to Chattanooga for election day can still sign up to volunteer.

A pillar of the Chattanooga community, Moses is co-owner of Urban Development Corporation and built several homes in the downtown Martin Luther King neighborhood. He is a member and Trustee at Second Missionary Baptist Church, a former teacher at Howard High School, and a former Boys Club Director in Chattanooga.  Moses, board member of the Chattanooga Area Urban League and a life member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, the National Association for the Advancement Colored People (NAACP) and the Howard High School National Alumni Association is known far and wide across Chattanooga. 

Just this week, Moses energized YES Chattanooga “Get Out the Vote” volunteers with this message:

“All my life I have had the opportunity, unfortunately, to experience what it is like to be discriminated against. I have been told because of my color that I was too qualified. I have been told that because of my color I was too early in my life to do those kinds of jobs. I was told I couldn't measure up to what they were looking for, and I was told that if I were another color I would be alright. You can't begin to understand how that makes one feel if you have been doing that all 75 years of your life. That's why I am so passionate to carry out this message in sustaining city council's decision to have a non-discrimination policy for any man, woman, or child under the conditions in which they love someone else".

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