Marty IdahoThe Fair Pocatello office is buzzing with activity as volunteers eat their lunch and make Get Out The Vote (GOTV) calls to identified supporters of the non-discrimination ordinance passed by the City Council last fall.

Unfortunately, opponents of fairness collected enough signatures to put the ordinance on the ballot today.  Making today's vote especially difficult is that it is a Republican Primary today.

Trevor has been on-the-ground for weeks, working with our partner organizations including the ACLU, NGLTF, Planned Parenthood, and the Pride Foundation.

We hope the voters of Pocatello Vote No on Prop 1, and keep the ordinance intact.

Polls close tonight at 8pm here, and we'll be working with the great team led by Planned Parenthood.  

Here's to a Fair Pocatello.

Pictured: Marty Rouse and Trevor Chandler, Associate Regional Field Director.

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