Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Too many of our LGBT friends and family have lost their lives to anti-LGBT hatred or prejudice. And while much work remains on both a federal and state level to bring legal protections to all members of our community, many cities and municipalities have stepped up and are taking the lead on creating equality everywhere, for everyone.

This year’s Municipal Equality Index, which HRC released on Tuesday, took a deep dive into the laws, polices and services of 291 municipalities, rating each on how inclusive they are of the LGBT individuals who live and work there.

From the criteria, which examined non-discrimination laws, relationship recognition, the municipality as law enforcement and employer, municipal services, and the municipality’s relationship with the LGBT community, HRC was able to glimpse into the hyper-localized efforts to fight transphobia and protect all members of its community.

Of the cities and municipalities rated, 5 percent offer trans-inclusive healthcare benefits to city employees.

In addition, 31 million Americans live in cities and counties that prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression at the local level alone.

From coast-to-coast, 59% of the cities rated had fully inclusive non-discrimination laws in employment, housing, and public accommodations at the state, county, or local level, or some combination thereof. 

The 2013 Municipal Equality Index underscores a local commitment to LGBT equality that is unbridled by regionalism, nor confided to the parts of the country that many Americans assume to be most LGBT-friendly.

It is this localized work, one zip code, one city at a time that will make national LGBT equality a reality.

To see how your city scored on the MEI, visit

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