This year, the Clintons took the HRC stage not once, but twice, to take a stand for LGBT equality.

In February, Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, provided special remarks at the Closing Plenary of the inaugural Time to THRIVE conference. During her speech, she spoke about the importance of supporting LGBTQ youth.

In October, her father, President Bill Clinton, delivered the keynote address at HRC’s 18th annual National Dinner. It was President Clinton’s second appearance at an HRC gala after attending the very first National Dinner in 1997.

In his speech, President Clinton reflected on years of success for LGBT equality and marriage momentum.“Campaigns, the best of them, fire idealism and spark intensity,” he said. “They exhaust and exhilarate in equal measure, and they count on the fire of inspired determination to keep them going.”

Be sure to check back with HRC’s countdown to 2015 so you don’t miss a beat as we continue to count down some of our top moments from 2014.

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