Central OHPost submitted by Alex Totten, HRC regional field organizer.

The faith community got a bad reputation in the 2000’s for being unaccepting of LGBT folks, but that’s simply not the case. Before I started working as an organizer, I made the same assumptions. With the bad eggs shouting the loudest, screaming about Leviticus and living in sin, it was easy to confine folks into simple boxes. It’s either this or that, us or them, drawing dividing lines and not being inclusive. But that kind of thinking is toxic, reductive and simply incorrect.

The faith community in central Ohio has been incredibly involved in all of our work here. From my work with Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) legislation to the push for marriage equality, the faith community has let us in their churches, given us resources and workspaces, and donated their hearts to the campaign. And it makes sense for them to do so. Most world religions share the commonality of love. Love is at the core of their dogma and the core of our work. Together, the narrative of loving each other and supporting one another can be achieved.

For Reverend Ellen Huffman, pictured above, and her Fringe Community Disciples of Christ Church, it’s a matter of love. Her, her flock and her Co Pastor donate their time, making calls to voters to talk about ENDA legislation. For so many, getting the Employment Non Discrimination Act passed is a life or death issue, and these faith communities have come together with us to protect their congregations.

This isn’t an issue of us versus them. That kind of thinking worked against us and now we must work together to pass this legislation. It was easy for me to make assumptions in the past, but now I know to give everyone credit, and open the table to anyone who wants to win.

Are you a person with or without faith and you want to get involved? Contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or at my phone number, (317) 340-8274. We’re a completely inclusive environment, and we need all hands coming together to win.

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