With just days remaining until the Illinois House of Representatives may vote on marriage equality, the momentum towards a yes vote is palpable.

Over the past week, nearly 100 constituents dropped by targeted representatives offices to let them know how important a yes vote on SB10 is.  Volunteers have participated in over 50 phonebanks, including calling from New Jersey, New York, Maine, Maryland and California.  And just yesterday, faith leaders across the state renewed their call for all couples to be treated equally under the laws of Illinois.

While we still don’t know exactly when the vote will occur, we are more and more confident that unlike in the spring, there WILL be a vote this week.  And we are cautiously optimistic about the outcome.  But we can’t rest now.  Volunteers are still making calls connecting supporters with their representatives and we hear the phones in Springfield and in district offices are ringing off the hook!

HRC’s field organizers and volunteers across the state have been super engaged in the fight to secure marriage equality in the Prairie State this year.  Within days, we’ll know the results of all of our efforts.

The time is now.  Let’s win this thing!

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