NOM ExposedOne of the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) most passionate former spokespeople, Jennifer Roback Morse, is making a stunning declaration on the fight for marriage equality, saying: “by this time next year, it will be over as a legal matter,” with “all 50 states” having legalized same-sex marriage.

Morse, who used to collect a six figure salary from NOM, ran NOM’s education fund.  During her tenure, she admitted that she wanted to make LGBT people celibate and recruited extreme voices to speak at her annual conferences. Before Thanksgiving in 2012, Morse appeared in a video where she condemned gay resident advisors at American universities. In 2012 she also declared "there really isn't any future in sodomy" and said homosexuality is "intrinsically disordered behavior." More of Morse’s homophobic tirades can be found here.

You can list to the audio where Morse acknowledges that the fight is over, and the legal tide is heavily in favor of marriage equality advocates here.

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