HRCF equality leadersPost submitted by Irene Xue, HRC Diversity Intern, and Hyacinth Alvaran, HRC Diversity Program Manager

Last weekend, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation hosted a learning retreat in Washington, D.C., for HRC’s female leaders as part of the Equality Leaders for the 21st Century program. This four-day transformational retreat brought together 24 women-identified leaders from around the country who are involved with HRC boards and steering committees.
HRC believes that women’s participation in the LGBT movement is critical to our success as a civil rights organization supporting equality for all. By focusing on enhancing self-awareness, awareness of others, courageous action, and collaboration, the retreat provided opportunities for these women to strengthen their personal leadership. In its 5th year, the Equality Leaders program has successfully created a pipeline of strong and diverse women leaders in HRC’s steering committees and boards, supporting them as visionary and courageous social change leaders.
Here are some reflections from the women who participated in the retreat from January 31 to February 4:

“My four days in DC expanded my sense of self, sense of community, and my foundation as a leader. I went from not being sure if I even was a leader to someone who is much more confident in myself.  Now I feel equipped to step back into my HRC role, my personal life, and my professional world strong, capable, and inspired.”

– Kamaria Shauri, HRC Atlanta Steering Committee


“I came into this not knowing if I, as a straight woman, would be accepted. I learned about myself and found an even stronger voice, one I feel even more comfortable using. I am a strong, loud, proud straight ally, ready to fight side by side with my LGBT friends.”

– Amy Speers, HRC Colorado Steering Committee

“I have attended several trainings during my career and was honestly unsure of what one can truly take away from these types of programs. I can honestly say that I walked away with tools to make immediate changes in my professional, volunteer, and personal lives. Additionally, I left the event with a network of connections to ensure that I can effectively and continuously apply everything I learned.” – Brigid Scarbrough, HRC Atlanta Steering Committee

"I found my voice with the help of 25 women and two outstanding facilitators. I am ready to lead from the heart and give back more to my community.”

Camille Cook, HRC Austin Steering Committee

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