As the fight for the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) heats up in New York State, two members of the Trans Rights Coalition have launched exciting media campaigns to educate New Yorkers about discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression.

The Empire State Pride Agenda has been broadcasting a radio spot in several media markets across the state. These ads remind listeners that employees should be judged based on their merits, and not on the basis of their gender identity or expression.  No one deserves to be fired or not hired because of who they are.

Housing Works has issued a series of beautiful postcards that illustrate the struggles that transgender New Yorkers face. Housing Works also explains on its blog why GENDA is such an important piece of legislation to an organization whose mission is related to HIV/AIDS and homelessness.

Both campaigns draw attention to the importance of New York State passing GENDA this legislative session.  GENDA would prohibit discrimination against transgender people in education, employment, housing, credit, and public accommodations.  New York protects gay, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual people from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and has done so since 2003.  It is time for New York State to close the gap and ensure that transgender people are afforded these same vital anti-discrimination protections.  Sixteen states, the District of Columbia, and over 166 cities and municipalities have similar laws, including Albany, Buffalo, Ithaca, New York City, Rochester, Suffolk County and Tompkins County.

Speak up about your support for GENDA!  Attend Equality and Justice Lobby Day in Albany (register here) on April 30.  Buses will be running throughout the state to help supporters travel to Equality and Justice Day.  If you cannot attend, please contact your NYS Assembly member and Senator to express your support.   See you at Equality and Justice Day.

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