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You & HRC: Advancing Community Health and Safety in 2011

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

This past year, over 75,000 HRC members and supporters spoke out against a teacher who posted anti-LGBT comments to her public Facebook wall. HRC delivered your signatures to the local school board. HRC members and supporters generated over 200,000 emails to Oklahoma lawmakers following shocking anti-gay remarks by a state representative who said LGBT people were a bigger threat to national security than terrorism. HRC's Healthcare Equality Index reported on the policies of a record number of healthcare facilities - 375 nationwide. And your support made it possible for HRC to call out the extremist views of many of the GOP presidential hopefuls - and their partnerships with leading anti-gay organizations.

Learn more about how you partnered with HRC in 2011 to promote healthcare equality, confront bullying, fight hate and expose anti-gay organizations and leaders.

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