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Will Mike Huckabee Have Dinner with this Gay Couple’s Family?

swing Does Mike Huckabee really believe that same-sex couples are unable to raise children? That's sure what it sounded like when he compared same-sex parents to drug abusers in a recent interview, where he also noted that "children are not puppies." But Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh — two dads who also co-host The Hearty Boys on the Food Network — won't let Huckabee's ignorance go unanswered. Instead of staying silent, they wrote Mr. Huckabee a letter. They'd like to have him over for dinner. Steve says that the offer is sincere — there's no gag or stunt to pull. If anything, he says, Huckabee will discover that his family has the same quirks, joys and challenges as any other. I had a chance to speak with Steve this week about his motivations for writing the letter:

"We don't want to be confrontational. But what really bothers me is how this impacts the children of same-sex couples. You have a major American leader telling them that they're in an unsafe place, that their parents are not adequate caregivers. He is making these comments under the pretext of protecting children, but it's having the opposite effect.

So far, Huckabee has shown no signs of a response. And the Hearty Boys aren't backing down. Last night, they posted a YouTube video to amplify their message. I asked Steve what he would make the former Governor of Arkansas for dinner:

"We'd do something Southern. We've got a terrific fried chicken recipe in the works, with bourbon mashed sweet potatoes and creamed collard greens on the side.

Take it from a fellow Southerner — it would be a sin to pass up on an offer that good!

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