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Why Are There So Few LGBT College Coaches?

HRC supporter and straight ally Hudson Taylor spoke out on behalf of LGBT college coaches yesterday in an article to the Huffington Post. In the post, “Unlocking the College Coach’s Closet,” Taylor, a Division I coach and former college wrestling champion, outlines why almost all LGBT college coaches remain closeted. 

“Many fear that coming out would jeopardize their job security in an environment that provides few administrative options when discrimination occurs,” according to Taylor.

Practices like negative recruiting, in which a coach tries to discourage athletes from playing on opposing teams by claiming the team has LGBT staff or players, exacerbate LGBT coaches’ fear to come out, Taylor explains.

In January 2011, Taylor founded Athlete Ally, a social media campaign to encourage members of the sports community to speak out against homophobia and transphobia. The campaign provides social advocacy campaigns, on-campus trainings and practical tools including resources to locate and learn about allied athletes, coaches, teams, athletic clubs and sports-based advocacy projects around the country.

You can read Taylor’s feature in its entirety on the Huffington Post.

Also, if you’re a pro-equality athlete, find out how you can become an HRC Athlete for Equality.

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