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Who needs electric power when you’ve got people power?

This post comes from HRC Minnesota Political Consultant Leah Solo.

The sanctuary of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church was packed and full of energy as we gathered to kick off the Faith Organizing on the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign last night. Over 550 people turned out on a beautiful fall day to learn about organizing in their faith communities around defeating the anti-marriage amendment.

As attendees made their way to their seats, chatting and munching on snacks along the way, and as organizers took one last look at their notes before launching the program, the lights flickered and the power went out.

The event organizers and the staff at UMC jumped into action, quickly assessing that the power outage included the entire neighborhood and that it could take a while to get power restored. Meanwhile, our audience, aware of the fact that the church piano did not need electricity to work, entertained themselves by breaking out into song!

With the lights still out, lacking microphones and power points, our speakers took to the stage using their loud voices to project their lessons and cell phones to read notes. The audience listened, laughed, and engaged throughout the presentation.

Forty five minutes into the training, as Javen Swanson, Outfront Minnesota’s Faith Organizer, was presenting, the lights came on and a roar of applause erupted from the audience. Soon the training wrapped up and folks broke out into at least ten denominational trainings, including Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, and many other denominations.  People left the event energized and ready to organize.

Here in Minnesota our Faith Organizing is off to a great start!


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