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Four Steps to Help Pass the Civil Unions Bill

by Mike Yost

The Colorado Civil Unions Bill (SB-2) is quickly approaching the day it will face its toughest challenge: passing the Colorado House of Representatives.  It's coming down to only a few votes, and there are several House Republicans who have not decided if they will support SB-2 or not.  What can you do to demonstrate to them the importance of civil unions in Colorado?


1.) Contact your legislators:  The first and most important thing you can do is let your senators and representatives know that, as a constituent in their district, you support civil unions—and so should they.  Regardless if your legislatures already publically promote civil unions, are on the fence, or are adamantly against SB-2, let them know how the outcome of this bill will affect your family and your community.  Share a personal story of you and your partner, a friend, a family member, or a coworker directly affected by SB-2.  Demonstrate that the individuals in the LBGT community are no different from anyone else, and they deserve equal treatment under the law.  You can go to the following website to find out who your legislators are and how to contact them by email or by phone:

2.) Sign postcards:  Over 30,000 postcards were hand delivered to Colorado senators and representatives asking for the Colorado Congress not to recognize same-sex civil unions.  One Colorado is asking the LGBT community and its allies to counter-act this push and sign postcards in support of civil unions.  They will hand deliver those signed postcards to Colorado legislators.  Contact Shannon with One Colorado at  She can arrange for you to get your own stack of postcards.  Hand them out to everyone you know.  The LGBT community and its allies in Colorado greatly outnumber 30,000! 

3.) Educate yourself:  There are a lot of misconceptions and rumors when it comes to Colorado’s Civil Unions Bill.  It’s important to have a firm understanding of what rights the bill guarantees, especially when someone questions the need for SB-2.  Click on the following link to read the actual language of the bill: SB-2  Scroll to page two and you’ll find twenty-seven bullet points outlining the specific rights that SB-2 provides for anyone entering a civil union.  Educate yourself and others about the specifics of the bill and why it is sorely needed in the Colorado LGBT Community. 

4.) Volunteer:  One Colorado had been leading the fight for SB-2.  Go to their website to find out what else you can do in your community to ensure the safety and security of LGBT families throughout the state.  You have a voice.  Let it be heard!  Click here for One Colorado’s volunteer page: