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Westboro Baptist Church: An Unlikely Supporter of LGBT Equality

Love Conquers HateThis post comes from HRC Consumer Marketing Assistant Bryce Romero:

Oft known for protesting funerals of fallen soldiers and spewing anti-LGBT hate, Westboro Baptist Church is an unlikely contributor to the fight for LGBT equality.

Thanks to a group of pioneering students and student leaders in Clayton, Missouri, WBC and its band of hatemongers will actually raise funds for the Human Rights Campaign, local group Growing American Youth and the Clayton High School Gay-Straight Alliance.

With a theme of “Love Conquers Hate," CHS has organized a counterprotest to a planned WBC protest at the high school.  Working with the HRC Shop in Washington, D.C., student leaders plan to sell "Love Conquers Hate" tee-shirts and "Nothing More, Nothing Less" wristbands for the folks to wear at Monday’s protest. By wearing these tees and wristbands, they are saying, without speaking a word, that they support equal rights for everyone. 

In addition to their non-verbal support, the students will have a booth to collect contributions for Growing American Youth, a social support group for LGBTQ youth in the St. Louis area, and for HRC. For those who can’t physically attend the counterprotest and want to show their support, the students have set up an online Phelps-A-Thon which allows supporters to pledge either money for each minute the group protests or a make a flat contribution to the cause. 

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