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We’re Run By 2 Wealthy Donors, Says NOM’s 2010 Tax Returns

Post submitted by Kevin Nix, Former HRC Campaign Media Director

This post originally ran this morning on NOMExposed:

The indefatigable Sophia Resnick of the American Independent does some digging and finds what we found from their ’09 returns: NOM is not a grassroots organization. It is funded by a few well-heeled donors. Resnick reports, “[J]ust two individuals contributed more than $6 million to the organization’s political arm – accounting for about two-thirds of NOM’s 2010 revenue, while single donations below $5,000 covered only 8 percent of reported revenue.”

And then we see the discrepancy between what NOM reported and what Maggie Gallagher said in the press at the time.  Gallagher told Resnick NOM raised and spent $13 million in 2010, yet the returns show the group raised about $9.6 million and spent about $10.7 million. How sloppy.

Why does this financial reporting stuff matter? It matters because it shows NOM is a phony organization that needs to puff itself up to appear bigger and more credible than it really is.  Same goes for Brian Brown’s humorous descriptions of himself as “a movement leader” Who does this?

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