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Welcoming Schools: Best Lesson Plan Contest

The following post is from Kim Westheimer, the director of HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program.

Recently, a second grade teacher went to see one of the first screenings of the Welcoming Schools film What Do You Know?  Six to twelve year olds talk about gays and lesbians. Much to her surprise in the middle of the film she saw two familiar faces on the screen. There were her former students talking about a lesson she had created to stop students from using the word gay in a negative way in school.

She never knew how much of an impact that lesson plan had until she watched these students in the film describing her lesson plan to a packed auditorium!

We know that educators all over the country are developing strategies to help students embrace family diversity, avoid gender stereotyping and end bullying. That’s why I am so excited to announce the Welcoming Schools Best Lesson Plan Contest for K-5 educators!

The contest will provide an opportunity for talented educators, like the teacher who attended the film screening, to have an impact in all of the communities that are using Welcoming Schools. Five contest winners will receive a $200 Amazon gift card and a full set of Welcoming Schools materials!

Find out more about the Welcoming Schools Best Lesson Plan Contest!

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