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Weekend Organizing for Hawaii Civil Unions

This update on the current status of civil union legislation in Hawaii comes from HRC organizer Adrian Matanza who is on the ground in Honolulu: Hula's Tabling 005With the House scheduled to vote on HB444 -- the civil unions bill -- this week, Tony and I continued our outreach in the community last night. We set up a table at one of Waikiki's finer establishments, Hula's. Everyone was very supportive and helped us out by filling out a postcard declaring their support for civil unions. Tony and I collected over 65 postcards from all over the state. Even from neighboring island, Kauai! We plan on delivering the postcards to their House members this week before they vote on HB444. As we reported last week, the Hawaii state senate voted 18-7 in favor of civil unions. Last year, the House voted in favor of a similar bill, one vote short of a veto proof majority (with one supporter deployed and absent). The governor hasn't said whether or not she plans to sign the bill but has stated that the legislature should focus this session on the economy.  Tonight, Tony and I are attending the Hawaii Friends for Civil Rights dinner. Hawaii Board of Education member, Kim Coco Iwamoto -- the country’s highest ranking elected transgender official -- is tonight's honoree. I met Kim Coco at the legislature this week and am really excited for her to be honored. This week's schedule is looking very busy. We plan on being at the Capitol and speaking with legislators quite a bit. Lots of hard work from all the advocates are going to produce civil unions in the Aloha state!

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