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We Want to Fly You to LA for Dinner With the Stars

Chances are you’ve seen Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet on ABC’s Modern Family. The stars play Mitch and Cam, respectively, America’s favorite gay couple.

Now one lucky HRC supporters and a guest will join the twosome for an exclusive dinner in Los Angeles.

While Ferguson and Stonestreet play a loving, committed same-sex couple on television, in reality, if their characters were a real-life couple, their love would be denied recognition by California and the federal government, just like tens of thousands of couples.

While you and your guest haggle with Jesse and Eric over who gets the last piece of bruschetta and discuss why equality matters most to you, we’ll be putting your donation to work in this critical election, on Capital Hill, and in schools, hospitals and workplaces around the country where discrimination is still rampant.

It’s time our nation’s laws affirm what their television show demonstrates every week.

Donate now for your chance to win a trip to California and help our movement win marriage equality.

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