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We are calling on you Senator Warner: Vote to Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!

On Sunday, Sultan Shakir and I worked the HRC booth at DC's Capital Pride to ask Virginia residents to call Senator Warner and urge him to support the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Senator Warner will have the opportunity to vote on the side of fairness and equality when the DADT repeal bill, which is attached to the National Defense Authorization Act, comes before the full Senate for a vote in the next month or so. Despite the sun and heat, the thunderstorms and the party atmosphere, Virginians were passionate about calling their Senator on Sunday. Many of these Pride attendees--out with their friends, their families, and their dogs--were not your typical activists, but when offered the opportunity to make a difference to advance the rights of our community, they said yes enthusiastically. Many were also veterans themselves and told us stories of serving in silence, or deciding not to reenlist because they were no longer willing to lie and hide. It is the actions of everyday citizens like those who made calls to Senator Warner on Sunday that will make all the difference when this discriminatory law comes up. It’s up to all of us to remind our elected representatives that they represent us—the LGBT community. Call your Senator today!

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