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Watch: Two More Ads Spell Out Harms of Amendment One

Post submitted by Eric Cameron, HRC Digital Media Specialist

Two new ads from Protect All North Carolina Families continue to reveal the dangers of proposed Amendment One.

The first ad, which begins airing on North Carolina television today, features Assistant District Attorney Amily McCool. McCool expresses her deep concern that the broad wording of Amendment One could take away critical domestic violence protections for unmarried victims.

In the second ad, Andrea McConnell of New Bern, N.C., shares her sister’s story to explain why she’ll be voting “no” on Amendment One.

Amendment One campaign head Tammy Fitzgerald recently said that equality advocates in the state want to “destroy all families,” and she couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s actually Amendment One that would harm a huge number of North Carolina families by barring loving same-sex couples from marrying, banning recognition of civil unions and domestic partnerships, and stripping away other vital protections for unmarried North Carolinians and their families.

Find out how you can get involved to defeat this discriminatory amendment by visiting, and be sure to vote “no” on May 8.

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