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Washington Post, Baltimore Sun Endorse Maryland’s Question 6

The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun have published editorials stating their unwavering support for marriage equality in Maryland.

The Baltimore Sun, which is Maryland’s largest newspaper, writes that the passage of Question 6 would protect all Marylanders from marriage discrimination.

“The case for Question 6, which would affirm Maryland's law authorizing same-sex marriage, is simple,” the Baltimore Sun editorial says. “It upholds the principle that the law should treat everyone the same.”

It criticizes opponents’ warnings of “unintended consequences of marriage equality,” such as religious persecution, as nothing more than “scare tactics.”

“Maryland's marriage equality law protects the rights of religious institutions to set their own doctrine and practices, but it also affirms the principle that the state's civil laws should not foster discrimination,” the editorial says. “Everyone deserves to be treated equally under the law, and for that reason, we urge voters to support Question 6.”

The Washington Post is one of the nation’s largest newspapers and is read daily by thousands of Marylanders. The Post also rebutted opponents’ arguments against marriage equality, including the suggestion that traditional marriage is under threat when same-sex couples are allowed to wed.

The Post also informed readers that voting FOR Question 6 would put them on the right side of history.

“The tide of history is clear; the main question now is the tempo of change,” the Post’s editors wrote. “Marylanders should take pride if they put themselves at the forefront of the move toward fairness.”

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