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Warwick Adds to Marriage Momentum in Rhode Island

Warwick, Rhode Island, Marriage equalityPost submitted by David Contreras Turley, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

City councilors in Warwick, Rhode Island’s second-largest city, last night unanimously approved a resolution supporting marriage equality in Rhode Island.
The Warwick City Council’s action comes just a day after Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed told the Providence Journal that she expects the marriage equality bill to be debated on the floor of the Senate this month.  The bill passed the House of Representatives in January and was heard in a marathon 12-hour session of the Senate Judiciary Committee last month.
Warwick, Rhode Island, Marriage equalitySupport for marriage equality has been growing in the Ocean State.  Warwick joins the cities of Providence and East Providence, Governor Chafee, a majority of Rhode Island voters, faith leaders, business leaders, and the Rhode Island Psychological Association in supporting the pending legislation that would make Rhode Island the last New England state with marriage equality for same-sex couples.
Warwick, Rhode Island, Marriage equalityWorking with municipal officials is a key part of my role with the Rhode Islanders United for Marriage campaign, so I was particularly pleased to see Warwick city councilors proudly standing up to support equal treatment under the law for all their residents.  Since early this year, I’ve been working to educate Rhode Island mayors and municipal leaders about marriage equality.  In addition to seeing supportive city council resolutions passed in Providence, East Providence, and Warwick, I was able to help bring together many of Rhode Island’s mayors to publicly endorse the pending marriage legislation.
If you’re in or near Rhode Island, please take action today.  Send a message to your state senator, find volunteer opportunities here, or contact me at to get involved.

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