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WAMC pledges support, accepts pledges of support for marriage equality

This post comes from Shirin Khosravi, one of HRC's field organizers in the Hudson Valley, working to make marriage equality a reality for all New Yorkers.

Dr. Alan Chartock, President and CEO of the Northeast Public Radio station, WAMC, has been running a million dollar fund drive for the past week, that reaches thousands of listeners, many of whom are voters in key legislative districts.  After mentioning on air that he was supportive of marriage equality, listeners started to call in and devote their pledges of support in support of passing marriage equality.

As a field organizer in the Hudson Valley, a constituent of Red Hook, and a longtime WAMC listener, I dedicated a pledge in honor passing marriage, and then was pleased to hear my mother and grandmother call as well in support of my efforts and the couples who have been fighting for their rights.

When Alan Chartock realized that three generations had called on behalf of marriage equality, he said “this is going to make me cry.”  The following hours were filled with calls from listeners in support of marriage equality and efforts, from Dr  Chartock, urging them to contact their state senators to make their voices heard.

Do your part, call your state senator and get involved in HRC’s Campaign for New York Marriage.  If you're in the Hudson Valley, Contact Shirin Khosravi to find out more.

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