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HRC flagIt all comes down to today. Over the past few months, we have mounted the biggest mobilization effort in HRC’s history because there’s so much at stake for LGBT Americans this year. We have rallied voters in Washington State, Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota to win historic victories for marriage equality at the ballot box. We have made the case for why President Barack Obama has been a trailblazing leader for the LGBT community and why a Romney administration would be devastating. We have:

  • Invested more than $5 million in states with marriage on the ballot this year,
  • Sent more than 20 million election-related emails and reached 500,000 supporters with telephone communications,
  • Registered thousands of new voters,
  • And undertook a cross-country Get Out The Vote tour to activate our members and supporters in critical states.

We’ve donated, we’ve raised, we’ve canvassed, and we’ve phone banked like never before. By the time all the votes are counted, HRC, along with our energized supporters, will have raised and contributed more than $20 million to re-elect President Obama and to advance marriage equality and other electoral priorities this cycle.

Now it’s up to you.

In the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to travel more than 50,000 miles of this country and talk with a diverse array of people – LGBT youth who are struggling in their communities simply because they live openly; religious people working to elevate the welcoming voices within their congregations; parents of LGBT kids who love their children unconditionally, but worry about the additional obstacles they face as a result of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

President Obama has done more than any other sitting president to advance LGBT equality. From his support for marriage equality, to hospital visitations, to speaking out about youth bullying – this President has never shied away from being a vocal advocate for our community. That is not something we can say about Mitt Romney, who doesn’t believe in the legitimacy of our families, let alone our relationships. Re-electing President Obama, increasing our representation in Congress with strong voices like Tammy Baldwin and Jared Polis, and securing marriage equality in states like Maine, Maryland, and Washington are critical milestones in our ongoing fight for full equality.

The outcome of this election will directly affect every single LGBT person in this nation. The ability to marry the person you love, start a family, and enjoy protections in the workplace are all at stake.

Thank you for your continued support and tireless dedication. Without you, HRC’s mobilization efforts would not succeed. Today, I need to ask you to do just one last thing: Get to the polls and vote, and more importantly – make sure your friends and family cast their ballots for equality as well. You can track tonight’s results along with us here at HRC by visiting

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