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Virginians Send a Clear Message: Repeal DADT Now!

Repeal-DADT-Now-banner_600 The following post comes from HRC Regional Field Director Sultan Shakir: VA 0002 DADTMaggie and I are here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, talking to voters about how they can take action to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." The response has been great. We asked one guy if he'd heard about DADT and his response was "Sure. My brother's gay." People are coming up and asking where they can write a letter to Senator Webb. The answer: "Right here!" One guy talked for twenty minutes about why he couldn't do it -- then came back, said he'd thought about it, and agreed that he should because no one should face unjust discrimination. And he brought a friend! People have been overwhelmingly supportive of our efforts and looking forward to the day when gays and lesbians can serve openly. Back to work! VA 0007 More Chairs

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