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Video: HRC’s Ellen Kahn Dispels LGBT Adoption Falsities on DC FOX News

Virginia’s Department of Social Services is considering adding sexual orientation to the list of characteristics on which adoption agencies cannot discriminate when evaluating prospective parents – a move that has irked anti-gay opponents. Ellen Kahn, director of HRC’s Family Project, appeared on DC’s FOX 5 News last night to debate VA Republican Delegate Bob Marshall, who opposes the proposed changes.

Delegate Marshall says agencies shouldn’t be forced to consider applicants whose “behavior violates a 6,000 year-old moral code.”

“Who you love is not a problem in terms of providing a good, stable, loving family to children,” Kahn said. “You may not like the idea of children being raised by families other than a married mother and father but there’s no evidence – there’s no real basis for that – other than you don’t like it.” Check out the full story:

Should Gay Couples Have The Right To Adopt Children in Virginia?:

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