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Video: HRC Takes 75,000 Signatures to NJ School Board

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

HRC National Field Director – and former New Jersey resident – Marty Rouse last night delivered the signatures of the over 75,000 HRC members and supporters who want Union Township Superintendent Dr. Patrick Martin and the board to take action following the anti-LGBT outburst of teacher Viki Knox.

Watch some of Rouse’s testimony via the New Jersey Star-Ledger:


NJ School BoardIn his remarks to the board, Rouse stressed that while everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions, Knox’s very public rant crossed the line and damaged her credibility with LGBT students  - and her ability to effectively carry out New Jersey’s toughest-in-the-nation anti-bullying law.

Outside the school board meeting, equality supporters joined together in calling for “No hate in our state.”  Anti-gay protestors gathered on the other side of the walkway. At one point, when an equality supporter declared that there was nothing wrong with being LGBT, a man wearing an “ex-gay” badge crossed the street and shouted “Yes there is!”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the local CBS affiliate, Viki Knox’s husband says Knox stands by the sentiment of her original remarks.

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