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Video: Clergy Declare Support for Marriage Equality in Maryland

This post comes from HRC Editorial and Digital Media Intern Leanne Naramore:

Prominent African-American clergy released a web ad today explaining why they’re voting for Question 6, the ballot measure that would give marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples in Maryland.

The video comes from Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the coalition leading the effort to win at the ballot box in less than three weeks.

These faith leaders are joining forces to voice their strong support for marriage equality.

Rev. Delman Coates and Rev. Dr. Christine Y. Wiley explain, “We have learned how to stand together despite our differences, acknowledging the importance of protecting the fundamental civil and human rights of all people. That’s why we’re united in our support for question 6 on the Nov. ballot in Maryland.”

Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, Rev. Dr. Brad R. Braxton, and Rev. Coates and and discuss the question of religious freedom, which is explicitly protected in the language of Question 6 itself:

“No member of the clergy and no church will ever be forced to marry anyone if it is not consistent with their own religious beliefs. And yet we realize that the role of the state is to protect everyone equally under the law. Therefore, we have a civic and a moral duty to stand with fellow Americans as they pursue equality.”

HRC has set up a special fund to direct 100 percent of your contribution today to defend the marriage equality law in Maryland. HRC is a founding member and leader of Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the coalition campaign working to defend marriage in the Free State, and your contribution will support the coalition's efforts and count toward your HRC membership.

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