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Victory: Pennsylvania Leg. Committee Votes Down Marriage Amendment

An update from HRC Regional Field Director Sultan Shakir: Today, the Pennsylvania State Senate Judiciary Committee voted to table SB 707, the proposed constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality which would have denied loving same-sex couples the right to marry. An update from our partner at the Value All Families Coalition:

We won!  It was a bipartisan, 8-6 vote.  This happened because of all of the effort you put into our opposition, not only this year but in past years, as well.  So go celebrate! Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We did it!

HRC congratulates Equality Advocates Pennsylvania, the ACLU and the Value All Families Coalition.  We are happy to have partnered with allies in Pennsylvania to have defeated this amendment over the past five years.  Even though momentum is on our side, we’ll have to work hard to ensure that right wing opponents of equality don’t use this as a rallying cry to pick-up seats in November.  Please stay involved and help us make sure that Pennsylvania stays a state that doesn’t put the rights of same-sex couples on the ballot.

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