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Veterans Testify at Senate Hearing; Former NATO Commander Under Fire

Repeal DADT logo-white-600Testifying at a hearing yesterday before the Senate Armed Services Committee in favor DADT repeal were two Iraq/Afghanistan veterans discharged under the discriminatory law – former Air Force Major Mike Almy and former Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade Jenny Kopfstein.   Testifying against DADT repeal was retired U.S. Marine Corps General John Sheehan.  The General retired from the military 13 years ago after 35 years of service, serving under DADT for approximately 3 years.

While the stories of the two brave veterans discharged under this discriminatory law make it perfectly clear that the time to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is now, it was General Sheehan who stole the show with his outlandish comments -- including a theory that gay soldiers in the Dutch army were responsible for a massacre in Srebrenica.

Here's the video from CNN:

The Dutch Ambassador to the United States said: "I couldn't disagree more. I take pride in the fact that lesbians and gays have served openly and with distinction in the Dutch military forces for decades, including in leading operational positions, such as in Afghanistan at the moment." Added a spokesperson for the Dutch military: "It is astonishing that a man of his stature can utter such complete nonsense." Those who wish to keep the discriminatory DADT law on the books are stopping at nothing -- including lies and as the Dutch spokesman says "complete nonsense."  TAKE ACTION at to ensure every qualified man and woman can serve, regardless of sexual orientation.

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