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USAID’s Deputy Administrator Talks About Program in Asia Focused on LGBT Equality

hrc flagAs part of his foreign policy trip across East Asia, USAID deputy administrator, Donald Steinberg, is reaching out to LGBT activists to learn about how the United States Agency for International Development can support the local community.
USAid recently launched “Being LGBT in Asia,” in conjunction with the U.S. government’s emphasis on LGBT issues as an integral part of foreign policy, The research initiative focuses on six countries -- China, Cambodia, Indonesia,Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines – to determine the most effective means for the administration to support and engage the local LGBT community.

Steinberg is traveling
“So, for any society to say that we will not use your talent, based upon the fact that you're a woman, or you have disability, or that you are young or an ethnic minority or that you are LGBT is condemning your society to lower growth, less prosperity, and increased poverty,” Steinberg said in an interview with the Bangkok Post released today.
“We can't afford to say to 10% of the population considered to be LGBT that 'You don't count! You can't contribute!' We can't afford that,” said Steinberg.
To read the interview in its entirety, visit Bangkok Post.

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