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Upstate New York Rallies Around ENDA



Earlier this month Denise Rhone, who is one of HRC’s most active supporters in the North Country, organized a great ENDA rally in Watertown in Upstate New York’s 23rd congressional district. 23-1New York CD-23 has been a hot bed of political activity. Between the past year’s special congressional election, the New York State marriage equality fight and our ENDA push in the region, our HRC members and supporters in the area have been working around the clock. The fact that Rep. Bill Owens has signed on as a co-sponsor of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal legislation has given HRC and our local allies much hope that he too will become also support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). With so much political activity in the district, our supporters like Denise -- with the help of other HRC members, Michael Brassard and Joanna Nugent --  have decided to pick up the pressure and pace of our letter writing campaigns. They decided to throw an ENDA rally and invited all supporters in the region. Denise’s pastors, Patty and Ron Farr from the United Church of Christ, hosted our HRC ENDA rally at the Emmanuel Congregational Church. The event was a huge success. People came from far and wide driving over 4 23-3hours in some cases to listen to Denise speak about her experiences as a transgender woman. We educated the group about ENDA and what we need to do to pass the law once and for all. After Denise and I spoke, the group produced over 75 letters. Way to go! Denise and company will be meeting with Representative Owens in his district office in Plattsburgh this weekend. Everyone is very excited to hand over all the ENDA support letters they have collected over the last couple of months, over 350 in total from clergy, business and union alike. I am very proud of them and am confident their efforts are putting us on a path to pass ENDA once and for all.

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