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UPS Corporate Equality Index Score Downgraded to 90%

Post submitted by Michael Cole-Schwartz, Former HRC Director of Communications

This year’s Corporate Equality Index raised the bar, requiring more robust policies and benefits offerings in order to receive a 100 percent score.  Still 189 companies achieved that goal and are in the vanguard of workplace equality.

Originally, HRC reported UPS as among the group of 100 percent companies.  However, due to incorrect reporting from UPS, their score is actually 90 percent because they are not at this time offering the full range of transition-related care for their transgender workers.  Once we learned of this discrepancy we changed their score to 90 and reached out to UPS to offer continued assistance in helping them reach a perfect score.  Thankfully, UPS says they remain committed to working with us.

In the interest of the accuracy and transparency of the CEI, this new score will be updated in the CEI report, our employer database and our popular Buyer’s Guide, both online and iPhone app.

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