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University of California at Davis LGBT Resource Center Vandalized

Last Friday, the LGBT Resource Center at the University of California at Davis was vandalized. Someone spray painted several anti-LGBT slurs on the Center’s door and building. The staff of the Center responded with a letter published in the student newspaper saying:

As a center we wanted not to immediately remove the vandalism in order to ensure that this hate crime does not go unnoticed by the campus community. Facilities and administration offered to clean it up immediately but we wanted to take this opportunity to educate the campus about struggles that our community continues to face. We feel it is easier to erase physical representations of violence than to heal from the ongoing impacts of this hatred. Erasing it makes it possible to avoid believing these things happen on our campus. We want to work towards a healing resolution.

Former HRC Field intern and UC Davis senior Amy Rothman echoed the need to bring awareness to the incident and underlying homophobia, saying “In a way the graffiti is really bad, but at the same time it lets people know it’s still happening.” Watch the full Fox40 report:  In response, the campus community organized an anti-hate rally and a well-attended town hall meeting yesterday to discuss how to respond and work to prevent future displays of hate and homophobia. The incident at UC Davis comes after the office of the student LGBTQ Alliance at the University of Oregon was vandalized last month and an offensive comic advocating violence against the LGBT community ran in University of Notre Dame’s school paper in January. While these incidents demonstrate just how far we have to go before achieving true equality (and the need for LGBT Resource Centers even on mostly accepting campuses), the response of students, faculty and staff on each campus reminds us what a powerful force LGBT people and our allies can be when united behind one cause.

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