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Univ. of North Florida Students Fight to Repeal DADT

Repeal-DADT-Now-banner_600 The following post comes from HRC Regional Field Director, Karin Quimby: VOH Jacksonville 4-13-10 003On Monday, April 12, 2010, HRC spent the day at the University of North Florida gaining support for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. UNF Students, staff and faculty enthusiastically signed postcards during the lunch hour and then joined community members for a very moving Voices of Honor event that evening. The event was covered on the front page of the the Jacksonville Florida Times Union the next day. VOH Jacksonville 4-13-10 010Jacksonville is a military town. We had veterans and active duty service members both in the audience and on the panel. After the event, I listened to one particularly heartbreaking story from an active service member who is a mother of a young son. She talked about the anxiety and pain of lying about her identity and living in hiding for all the years she has been in the service. But she worried more about the fact that her son will also have to lie about her identity so that she doesn’t get discharged and lose her livelihood. This brought home to me — again — the very real material and psychological consequences of this discriminatory law. We are talking about people being able to support their families, as well as to live lives of integrity. I promised this active duty mother that we at HRC and all our allies are working our hardest to get this law repealed NOW. The students and staff at the UNF LGBT Resource center are actively carrying on the DADT repeal efforts in Jacksonville. If you live in the area, give them a call and join the effort! VOH Jacksonville 4-13-10 006

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