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Ugandan Christian Leaders Behind Renewed Push for “Kill the Gays” Bill

church imagePost submitted by Sharon Groves, former HRC Director, Religion and Faith Program

There are renewed efforts underway in Uganda to fast-track the “Kill the Gays” bill, and they’re being led by an unfortunate religious group. The Ugandan Joint Christian Council (UJCC) – which includes the country’s Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox bishops – is calling on Parliament to move the bill because of what they call “an attack on the Bible and the institution of marriage.”

The Uganda Joint Christian Council’s vocal support of a bill that includes the death penalty is an outrageous affront to core Christian values – chief among them the belief that ‘thou shalt not kill.’ What we see in Uganda is a chilling dereliction of the core principles and teachings of Jesus Christ by those entrusted to protect and spread the Good News.

The Catholic Church in particular has been a leading voice against corporal punishment in the past – the Vatican and other leading Catholics should publicly and explicitly condemn this legislation and its disregard for the human rights of our LGBT sisters and brothers in Uganda. Only when we unite as people of faith against this despicable legislation will we be able to stand up to those who seek to use religion as a means of advancing hate.

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