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U.S. Department of Education Supports GSAs

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan affirmed the government's support of allowing Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) to form in every school across the country.  Although the Equal Access Act has provided students the ability to form GSAs for nearly 30 years, some schools have ignored the law and denied students the right to form these student organizations.  Secretary Duncan made the announcement at the Federal LGBT Youth Summit held June 6 -7th in Washington, DC, but followed the announcement with a “Dear Colleague” letter published today.

Gay-Straight Alliances are powerful forces in our schools. Not only do they offer a safe and supportive environment for LGBT students but they allow straight allies to show their support. One of the most powerful impacts that a GSA can have, however, is on those students who aren't even members - the very existence of a GSA shows students who may still be coming to terms with their orientations that someone at their school cares.

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