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U of Michigan Elects First Openly Gay Student Body President

The following comes from HRC Youth and Campus Outreach Associate Director Candace Gingrich-Jones: The University of Michigan student body has elected its first ever openly queer president. Chris Armstrong, a former intern at the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund was elected president of the University of Michigan Student Assembly. The UM MSA represents tens of thousands of students at one of the country’s most prestigious schools. Armstrong and his running mate represented the MForward party which tallied over 1,000 votes more than their closest challengers. MForward focuses on student involvement and advocacy, and included lobbying for gender neutral housing in their platform. Armstrong, a junior, will serve as MSA president until March of 2011. I would be remiss (and risk incurring the wrath of my wife and her family in Columbus) if I didn’t mention the fact that Ohio State University had its first openly-gay student government president, Ryan Fournier, in 2006.  Fournier was also active with HRC during his time as a Buckeye, serving on the HRC Columbus steering committee and working on numerous electoral campaigns. And in my recurring observations of imaginary out-queering competitions, the Midwest has had some great advances in the college president categories over the past few years. In addition to the two Big Ten schools having out student body presidents, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Grinnell College both have out presidents/chancellors: Carolyn “Biddy” Martin and Raynard Kington, respectively.

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