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Two of America’s Largest Newspapers Support Marriage Equality

Today The New York Times and The Washington Post’s editorial board each called on the Supreme Court to strike down Proposition 8 and the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act.

The Washington Post states,

“Now, it seems not only possible but also likely that same-sex marriage will be legal, widespread and, frankly, mundane and that this will happen relatively soon. The Supreme Court must play a part in this civil rights triumph — and justices should not shrink from it.”

And The New York Times wrote,

“[The Supreme Court] should broadly declare that under the Constitution the right to marry applies equally to all couples, period, and that this principle applies to the federal government and every state."

As the Proposition 8 plaintiffs head off to the Supreme Court, we’ll bring you live updates throughout the day on the HRC Blog. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram at #UnitedforMarriage.


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