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Two Anti-LGBT Bills Die in Tennessee Legislature

Tennessee FlagThe “Don’t Say Gay” bill, legislation that would have forced select Tennessee school officials to notify parents of children who privately discussed their sexual orientation, died yesterday. In the House Education Subcommittee, House sponsor Rep. John Ragan attempted to move an amendment on the bill.  No member of the subcommittee seconded his motion, so the bill in effect died.  The companion bill has not moved in the Senate.

A second bill, one that would have removed funding for the operation and maintenance of campus police from any university with an “all-comers” non-discrimination policy, also died this week.  House sponsor Rep. Mark Pody took his bill “off notice,”  killing the bill. The bill was aimed at Vanderbilt University because it has a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation. Rep. Pody pulled the bill after it received an unfavorable Attorney General’s opinion questioning its constitutionality.   

Republican Governor Bill Haslam commented that he saw no reason to have these bills be considered.  HRC agrees with Governor Haslam.

The Tennessee Equality Project thanked the Human Rights Campaign for activating our members to contact their legislators expressing opposition to both bills. Working with our dedicated and strategic friends at the Tennessee Equality Project we helped hold the line against discrimination in a tough legislative environment.  We will continue to work with our allies in the Volunteer state to find ways to support and protect LGBT Tennesseans.

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