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Tweet Rich Swier: Have a Responsible Conversation about Bullying with Ally Hudson Taylor

HRC is calling on Tea Party activist Rich Swier to sit down with straight supporter and Athlete Ally founder Hudson Taylor to discuss the serious impact of bullying on the nation’s youth. Supporters can tweet Swier asking him to meet with Taylor. The invitation comes following remarks in which Swier called anti-LGBT youth bullying “healthy.”

"Anti-LGBT bullying affects young people in so many ways and can have a huge impact on their emotional and physical well-being," said Taylor. "I welcome the opportunity to sit down with Swier to discuss with him why bullying is so much more serious than a mere milestone of youth, and to address the dangers in misconstruing anti-LGBT bullying as healthy or normal."

Taylor originally invited Swier to meet and discuss the issue on July 1. Swier has ignored Taylor’s outreach, but has tweeted blog entries that include “MAN UP! America’s Gay White House,” “MAN UP! The Progressive Gay Agenda: An Analysis,” and “MAN UP! UK terrorists told: pretend to be gay so you don’t get caught.”

HRC also is calling on its supporters to send a message to Swier that this type of rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible. It’s part of HRC’s Call it Out campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about incidents of homophobia and transphobia as they occur around the country. Send your tweets to Swier and take action at

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