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Tony Perkins on Marriage Equality: “Violating God’s Law Only Brings Pain & Heartache”

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

In a series of videos posted to, a website aimed at registering conservative Christians in advance of Election Day, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins once against goes after LGBT people. In the video, Perkins says marriage has been left “defenseless to homosexual activists,” and that “violating God’s law only brings pain and heartache.”  Perkins goes on to say that because of marriage equality, we live in a society where “right is called wrong and evil is called good.”

Check out the video:

In another video on the website, Perkins laments the interference of government in the lives of Americans. For an organization that strenuously supports the Defense of Marriage Act and a federal amendment to the Constitution dictating who can and cannot marry, it’s pretty hypocritical – though not at all surprising – that Perkins would say the government is too involved in the lives of Americans.

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