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Tonight: Romney and Obama Meet for Round Two

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will meet tonight for their second debate, and this time they’ll be fielding questions from undecided voters in a town hall style format hosted by CNN’s Candy Crowley.

Issues of LGBT equality did not come up in the first debate, held in Denver nearly two weeks ago. Nor did equality come up during last week’s showdown between Vice President Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. With next week’s third and final presidential debate set to focus on foreign policy, tonight is likely the last window for the candidate’s to share their vastly different views on LGBT equality with voters.

Our community has achieved more critical advancements under President Obama than at any other point in history. From President Obama’s support for marriage equality and rejection of the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, to ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” to ensuring same-sex couples can visit one another in the hospital during times of medical crisis, to tackling pervasive bullying in our schools – all of these have profoundly impacted the lives of LGBT Americans for the better. And under a President Romney, the tide of equality would come to a halt.

Mitt Romney doesn’t support marriage equality – actually, he doesn’t even support civil unions. He’s shrugged off the plight LGBT families, and once on the campaign trail even bemoaned the fact that same-sex couples were having children of their own. Despite the fact that people can be fired for their gender identity in 34 states and their sexual orientation in 29, Mitt Romney refuses to support an Employment Non-Discrimination Act – he says it would be an “unfair burden” on employers. Learn more at

Tune in tonight to watch the debate at 9pm ET. There’s much you can do to ensure equality prevails at the polls in just three weeks – visit HRC’s Election Center and get involved now!

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