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Today’s the Day: Marriage at the Supreme Court!

Supreme Court of the United States; SCOTUS; Proposition 8; Marriage equality

​Post submitted by Charlie Joughin, HRC Press Secretary

After months of planning and preparation, the Supreme Court of the United States will today hear argument on Hollingsworth v. Perry, the case on California’s Proposition 8. 

This morning the plaintiffs in the trial – Kris Perry & Sandy Stier and Paul Katami &Jeff Zarrillo – had breakfast with HRC president Chad Griffin to get the day started off, and will soon head over to the Court.

HRC and our coalition partners are gathering on the front steps of the Court right now and will be there all day to display to America the broad and diverse support for marriage equality. 

We’ll bring you live updates throughout the day on the HRC Blog. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram at #UnitedforMarriage.  Also remember to wear red today to show your support for marriage!

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