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Today is Trevor Project Day!

This post comes from HRC Editorial and Digital Media Intern Leanne Naramore:

Trevor Project Day highlights the importance of suicide prevention and healthy dialogue in times of crisis.

The Trevor Project calls today “the culminating day of action for the campaign for conversation,” bringing together celebrities, elected officials, and volunteers to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

This year’s Trevor Project Day marks the expansion of TrevorChat, the Trevor Project’s free and confidential online chat service for people who need a friendly listening ear. TrevorChat will now be available three days a week, with the goal of daily availability by next summer.

Trevor Project Day also celebrates the “Talk to Me” initiative, which encourages young people to be outspoken in their support for friends and peers. The “Talk to Me” campaign has garnered widespread attention throughout September (National Suicide Prevention Month), featuring conversations with people like Daniel Radcliffe about being a caring, compassionate friend.

Learn more about Trevor Project Day and how you can be there for your friends by clicking here.

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