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TN Lawmaker: Watching ‘Modern Family’ Acknowledges Existence of Gay People

Eric Cameron and Jesse Tyler FergusonThis was a cute side note from the recent news about the advancement of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Tennessee: A lawmaker warned parents not to let their children watch the TV show Modern Family because it – gasp! – acknowledges the existence of gay people.

His comments followed testimony from a Nashville preacher who said that even if teachers avoid talking about LGBT people in school, kids might learn about them anyway because of damaging shows on network television, according to an article in the Nashville Scene.

You might remember that Modern Family is must-see TV in the Obama household.

They can feel free to turn the channel on their TV when Mitchell and Cameron come onscreen. They might just ban the discussion of homosexuality in schools, which will marginalize many Tennessee children and their families.

But sorry, none of that changes the reality that gay people do exist. No legislature can change that!

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