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TIME Looks at Gov. Perry’s Connections to Fringe Groups

We’ve been talking about Texas Governor Rick Perry’s close connections with rabidly anti-LGBT groups for the past few weeks, and now TIME magazine also is taking a look.

According to TIME, a number of Christian Right leaders – including the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins – held a conference call last month and agreed that Perry would be their ideal GOP presidential candidate.  It shouldn’t come as any surprise, then, that the fringe American Family Association (AFA) is reportedly footing the $1.5 million bill for Perry’s August 6 Day of Prayer.

Despite the fact that only Christians will be allowed to speak at the non-denominational event, Perry’s allies are insisting the gathering is all-inclusive. According to Don Wildmon, AFA’s founder and Chairman Emeritus:

“Anyone who wants to pray to Jesus for a nation in crisis is welcome to attend. Next, The Response is a prayer event, not a political event. No political candidates will be speaking. Finally our critics say The Response violates the separation of church and state. The event will be held at a public stadium which has no connection to a religious body."

Meanwhile, Gov. Perry has taped a new promo video for The Response.  Perry has invited governors from across the nation to attend – act now and tell your governor not to legitimize bigotry by supporting this event:Gov. Perry's Invitation to The Response from The Response USA on Vimeo.

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