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Tide of Marriage Supporters Flood New Hampshire Statehouse

According to all reports, yesterday’s hearing on repealing marriage equality turned out the largest number of New Hampshire residents of any hearing in living memory.  The Sergeant-at-Arms said that 800 attended, and easily 700 were marriage equality supporters.  These supporters—clad in red—testified for over eight hours, delivering moving personal testimony on how New Hampshire is a better, more free, place now that everyone, gay and straight alike, are able to marry. 

They implored the Judiciary Committee, in which two marriage repeal bills were being heard, not to take away the rights of some of New Hampshire’s citizens. The massive turnout  to the hearing was the result of a phenomenal field campaign by New Hampshire Freedom to Marry, strongly supported by HRC field staff.  Judging from the numbers filing the Statehouse yesterday, this months-long statewide effort of grassroots mobilization through community meetings, house parties, phone banks and outreach to faith, civic and business communities has left no doubt in anyone’s mind that the majority of people of New Hampshire firmly oppose taking away the right to marry from same-sex couples. While the sea of red at the statehouse demonstrated this overwhelming support for marriage equality, it’s backed up by a recent poll that found 63 percent of voters opposing attempts to overturn the 2009 law that gave same-sex couples the right to marry. There is more work to be done in the legislature, and lawmakers should expect to face another—even larger—red tide. To learn more about New Hampshire Freedom to Marry’s campaign, Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, visit Standing Up For NH Families

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